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Raw beetroots

The transit time test is a great way to determine how quickly or slowly your gut is moving the foods along that you are eating. It is a very simple yet valuable test to carry out at home to gain insights about the effectiveness of your gut function. If you suffer from a sluggish digestion such as constipation, feeling full for long, flatulence or bloating this may be a good place to start to gain insights to your wonderous world called the gut!

The idea behind the transit time is to measure how long it takes your gut to move, process or digest the foods you are eating. The test is done by measuring the time between when you ate the beetroot to the time it first appears in your stool and when you last see it! So lots of fishing in the pan here!

In a normally functioning gut it would take anything from 12 hours to 24 hours for the beetroot to re-appear in the stool. You will recognise the beetroot from the colour of your stool it usually turns dark purple.

You will need some beetroot usually cooked the size of your fist or about 3/4 cup worth. Now eat your beetroot and write down the time as a reference point. Be mindful and keep a watchful eye out for when you see it in your stool and then jot down the time again. Keep looking out for the beetroot next time you open your bowels to see if any more comes out.

Calculate the time it took from when you ate the beetroot to when it next re-appeared. This is called your transit time. If you move the beetroot out within 24 hours your digestion is in tip top condition.

Anything less than 12 hours and you are moving your bowels too quick to absorb the nutrients in your foods. Above 24 or 48 hours and your bowels are sluggish and you have a tendency to constipation which may develop further down the line into more serious digestive problems such as hemorrhoids or diverticulitis.

If you are experiencing problems with your digestion please get in touch so I can help you improve on your gut health!


I Want To Do The Transit Test But I Don't Like Beetroot

If you don't like beetroots you can do the test with sweetcorn instead. Just consume 1/2 - 3/4 cup sweetcorn kernels and follow the process above.


Other Ways To Improve Your Digestion:

  • Eat vegetables and fruit

  • Drink water

  • Incorporate fermented foods into your diet

  • Move

  • De-Stress

Here are some posts to help you in your journey to better gut health.

If you would like more help get in touch with me for evidence based advice. I love to get moving.

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