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I made rhubarb kvass recently. This is a great way to make use of the delicious pink stems. The fermentation process locks the rhubarb scent and the pretty pink colour beautifully and produces a refreshing carbonated drink.

This is the first time I made rhubarb kvass, but I have used rhubarb in water kefir before which also makes a delicious fermented drink.

Children love fizzy drinks but commercial fizzy drinks contain lots of sugar that contribute to weight gain and tooth decay. Sugar-free soft drinks are not that healthy either as artificial sweeteners send wrong messages to the brain and for some children, it may cause hyperactivity as they are not able to tolerate the chemical structure.

This fermented rhubarb kvass has most of the sugar fermented therefore it is very low in sugar and is suited to a low sugar diet and the healthy bugs make it great for gut health too!

There are various kvass's. There are savory ones that incorporate salt, there are some made with rye bread producing a strong ferment that can be made into a low alcohol drink, and there are those that you can make with fruit. With the fruit kvass, I like to use slightly sour fruits like berries, rhubarb, or cherries. I use some sugar or honey to help the ferment along. Here is a post I wrote all about kvass you can read for more information, and follow this link for a recipe for beet kvass

Rhubarb kvass has a slightly dry and yet refreshing flavour. The fermentation traps the rhubarb flavour and it is almost like custard and cream sweets without the sweetness. It is refreshing and gentle to drink. It has a lovely fresh feel on the mouth with a delicious fizz and it can be mixed with fruit juices for sensitive souls and children if they don't like a drink that is not sweet. Adults it can be added to alcoholic beverages such as a classic campari soda but with rhubarb kvass instead!


600GR Fresh Rhubarb, sliced

6 Tablespoon sugar

2 Litre filtered water

2-inch fresh ginger, grated or chopped


2 Teaspoon honey

Ginger juice if not gingery enough!


Put sliced rhubarb into a large glass vessel with sugar and water, add the ginger. give it a good stir cover with muslin and secure mouth of vessel with rubber band or tie. Leave for 4-5 days or till you are happy with the colour and developing flavours.

Next strain out the rhubarb and put it into 2 glass bottles add the honey and more ginger if needed. Secure the bottle with a lid and leave it at room temperature to fermetent. It should be ready in 5-7 days. Test by burping the bottle in between. When you are happy with the fizz. put the kvass into the fridge to slow the fermentation process.

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