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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Therapist holding a glass of fermented kanji drink with window in background
Susan drinking Kanji

Kanji is a delicious fermented drink made with purple carrots. It is made in India and here I am teaching you how you can put a basic kanji together with purple carrot when they are in season.

The carrots will give out their deep purple colour to the drink and ferment with black mustard seeds and salt producing a sour yet satisfyingly savoury drink.

The probiotic properties from fermentation and the polyphenols from the purple carrots make this drink a great addition

to my immune-boosting and gut health-supporting remedies.

The purple colour of these carrots also some times referred to as Afghan carrots are a rich source of proanthocyanins. These plant chemicals are potent free radical scavengers and have been studied for their many health benefits. These are cardiovascular health, eye health, skin health, vascular health, anti-diabetic activity.


500 gr purple carrots

1 tbsp black salt or sea salt

2 tbsp black mustard seeds

2 litre filtered water

1. Wash and peel the carrots. Cut them into 5-6cm long and 1cm thick sticks. Put these in to a earthenware container or a glass vessel.

2. Grind the mustard seeds and add to the carrots with the salt.

3. Top with water. Cover the container with its lid. I leave mine a little ajar and than cover it with a kitchen towel. Now put the drink on a sunny window seal to ferment.

4. It should be ready in about 4 days time. If not sure taste the drink it should have sour yet savoury taste. However I usually leave mine for upto 3 weeks. Serve with the carrot in a glass.

I like a glass of Kanji in the morning and if it is a cold day I top it up with some warm water!

Kanji is also a great drink to have at any time of the day. It can act as a great tonic and energise you with the probiotics it contains or alternatively you can enjoy it as part of a meal and it may help you digest your foods with the organic acids it contains!

Glass vessel with lid open showing kanji drink with mustard seeds floating on the surface
Kanji a Probiotic drink for gut health

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