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Stressed woman
woman under stress at work

I see women with various stages of stress in my clinic from early stages of stress where they may be relying on stimulants such as sugary foods and caffeinated drinks that boost their stamina to get the workload done. These women are commonly pretty wired and on high drive.

Coffee contributing to stress

The other type of women I see are in exhaustion stage of stress, where they are in burnout because the adrenals are exhausted. These women have no energy feel constantly tired, anxious and maybe craving sweet foods or caffeine to get a pick me up. Quite commonly at this late stage of stress they may have put weight on, especially around the middle due to stress. The complex interactions of constant hormone stimulation via cortisol and insulin eventually will start to lay down the fat if the stressed individual is not burning that excess stimulation caused by stress hormones!

Woman with fat around the middle
Stressed woman with fat around the middle

When the body is constantly under stress it tends to lay fat around the middle causing abdominal obesity. This form of fat is metabolically active and it is best to take action to lose the fat as it is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Can I Lower My Stress Levels And Get Rid Of That Fat Around The Middle?

Yes! The good news is fat around the middle is one of the easiest fat to lose with the right approach. A simple strategy could be removing refined foods, increasing protein and vegetables and portion control. Swapping caffeinated drinks with non-caffeinated drinks, reducing alcohol intake and taking a supplement that may support to balance your adrenals. One of my favourite adaptogenic herbs is rhodiola which does exactly that.

One of my clinical tools is a test that measures your cortisol levels through out the day. This is useful in terms of identifying what stage of stress you may be under and help me to prepare a targeted approach to support you nutritionally. This allows me to create a more tailored program for my clients based on their unique individual needs.

Have you been suffering from stress lately? If you have get in touch with me as help is at hand. You don't need to suffer alone help is at hand and nutrition has lots to offer in terms of supporting you and arming you with tools to help you cope with life and works demands.

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