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Bricks spelling autism
Autism Bricks

Autism is a condition that affects the individual in many areas. These are social, sensory, emotional, communication, developmental and also physical. Such as issues with digestive health, mitochondrial health, nutrient status and genetic factors.

Every person or child with autism is different than the next person or child with autism. Some may have learning difficulties for some this may be mild but for others it can be severe. Some may be intellectually gifted but struggle with social codes and body language.

All of the information above is relevant to autism. My son has autism and it was a struggle to get him a diagnosis when he was young. He was only diagnosed with autism when he was 6 years of age! I have supported my son from a young age with nutrition, and as am trained to work with clients on an individual basis I have always used this approach in clinic.

In my clinical and home life experience with autism one thing I see again and again is issues with digestion. The more severe the symptoms the more impact it may have on behaviour. I also see nutritional deficiencies such as magnesium, zinc, Vitamins B6, B12, Folate and Fatty acids to name a few.

"All disease begins in the gut" Hippocrates. Often what I observe also is when children in particular improve on their digestive health they are happier in themselves and have better relations and are more connected with their surroundings and families.

My son is much older now and still has autism and I still support his gut function with nutritional supplements and fermented foods and drinks. This is essential for his bowels to function regularly apart from this he also follows a special diet that suits his individual needs best.

Scientific research in the recent years has identified various nutritional and genetic factors involved in autism. At the moment it is not possible to point to any one result and say this is the ultimate cause to autism. However I feel it is important to address individual nutritional needs and to pay attention to the current research to help our children and adults to better health.

Research has also shows us foods sometimes affect how our brain functions and it's effect on our mood and digestive function. These are important findings that also need to be taken into consideration with autism conditions.

Gut brain link
Your Gut Is Your Second Brain

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