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Crepe parmentiere with chicken and salsify
Gluten free crepe parmentiere

300 gr mashed potato

2 tablespoon tapioca flour

2 large egg whites

3 tablespoon thick coconut milk

salt and pepper

Additional ingredients:

2 tablespoon sweetcorn

A little steamed broccoli, chopped to about 1/2 cm in size

Clarified butter or coconut oil to fry

Non stick pan or blinis pan

Put mashed potato and other dry ingredients into the food blender.

Add coconut milk and than pulse and add the egg white in 2 goes. Pulse till mix is smooth.

Mix ingredients in food blender for crepe parmentiere
Ingredients for potato pancake in food blender

If you are using sweetcorn and broccoli mix this into the crepe mix with a spoon.

Heat a little of the oil or butter in pan and add a ladle of the mix to the pan. it should be at least an inch or 2 cm thick. Cook over moderate heat till base is coloured and top is slightly set from the sides. Ease the sides of the pancake from the sides of the pan if necessary than flip over. Cook over on the other side for a few more minutes. Once they feel springy to the touch and puffed up put on a plate and reserve.

Potato pancake cooking in the pan
Crepe parmantier with broccoli and sweetcorn

Free drop gluten free potato pancakes
Potato pancakes frying in pan

These crepes or pancakes go really well with savoury dishes with a little sauce. If seasoned well they are very tasty and if you wish you could add chopped ham or other savoury ingredient to the mix such as capers or cheese if you wish!

I accompanied mine with some chicken cooked in a coconut milk and turmeric sauce with basil, lemon, garlic and salsify which I served with wilted spinach.

Plated gluten free crepe parmentier
Chicken in coconut sauce with gluten free crepe parmentier

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