The foods you eat influence the way your body functions and can restore you to health. They can also protect you from disease and ultimately determine the way your body responds to changes in the environment. 


My role as a Nutritional Therapy practitioner is to evaluate your diet and nutrition to see where you may need help or improvements. Then I work with you to help you achieve this.​​

I use tools including questionnaires and nutritional supplements, along with tests including metabolic and hormonal testing, food intolerance and allergy testing to aid my clinical decision making. 

Other test that I recommend include stool testing for microbial balance and gut functions markers Genetic testing profiles to dig in deeper to investigate specific health conditions if there is a genetic component to the health problem.


The genetic test I use for my clients are specific to actionable snips which means the pathways can be supported nutritionally and with lifestyle interventions.


Together we’ll search for the answers to questions like these:


  • What does eating a healthy and balanced diet mean for you? 

  • Does your eating style meet your nutritional requirements? 

  • How does your activity level affect your health?

  • Could your weight be affected by your genes or are your health problems hereditary?

Face-to-face or online

Under current COVID restrictions, face-to-face consultations are allowed. I use three clinics in the New Forest area, all of which are easy to find and within easy walking distance of car parks:


  • The Arch Clinic in Fordingbridge.

  • Ringwood Health Clinic in Ringwood

  • The Wessex Clinic in Lymington


Alternatively, if you are shielding or find it more convenient, I can provide consultations online, using Skype, Zoom or Google Meet.


Whether you prefer face-to-face or online consultations, the process is private and confidential. We will go over the health questionnaire that I will have sent you prior to your consultation, and dig deep in to your health history and current health symptoms. Together we will develop a workable health plan that will be a starting point for your journey to better health. 

I offer two different packages to help you achieve your health goals. You can choose my three month gut program or my six week nutritional coaching plan.

3 month gut program

This program is designed to help you improve your gut health and is ideal if you have ongoing digestive concerns that you would like to get to the bottom of. It includes all of this:

  • 6 consultations with me and ongoing support in between sessions if you need it.

  • An assessment of your diet, health history, and lifestyle.

  • A personalized health plan that includes dietary guidelines to suit your needs.

  • Personalised recommendations for beneficial nutritional supplements.

  • Recommendations for private laboratory tests to investigate your health issues

  • Consultation for test results and recommendations based on results if appropriate to further improve your health

This package is available at £399 per month (additional testing and supplements not included).

6 week nutritional coaching plan

Have you let your diet slip and you need some help to get it back on track?

Do you want to get your glow back?

Are you lacking energy and finding it a drag just to get through the day?

If these questions have resonated with you – or even if you just don’t know what to eat anymore – this plan is perfect for you.

We’ll start with an initial detailed consultation including a full health review. During the session we’ll create a health optimisation plan that identifies small actionable steps to take your health to the next level. I’ll also make recommendations for some supplements that may help you.

Following the initial consultation we’ll move on to:

  • 5 mini follow-up consultations each week to keep you motivated and to help you stay on track.

  • A full follow up consultation at the end of the 6 week plan to review your progress.


After that you’ll have the option to move onto a retainer plan if you need more support.

The total cost (not including supplements) is just £457.


Basic package:

2 consultations for £277 More consultations can be added if necessary.



Whatever you choose, I provide one to one consultation over an online platform called Zoom so they can fit into your lunch break or before you pick up the kids for a hectic evening. When we’re able to meet in person I also offer consultations at the Arch Clinic in Fordingbridge, the Ringwood Health Clinic in Ringwood and also at the Wessex Clinic in Lymington. Initial consultations typically take around an hour.


Want to know more? Here are some comments from happy clients.

Nutritional Therapy for Underactive Thyroid

I met with Susan Davis whom I learnt about via the Arch Clinic in Fordingbridge. Susan is helping me with nutritional advice with the aim of providing the optimum diet to deal with my under active thyroid condition. Susan’s help is proving invaluable and I therefore would happily recommend her to others seeking help with their dietary requirements. 

S. W. - Fordingbridge, Hampshire


Nutritional Coaching for Digestive Issues & Weight Loss

I have had many positives following your nutritional advice... I have lost some inches initially, and was sleeping a lot better.  I don’t seem to have had any migraines, lost the pain in my back under my shoulders, have felt less depressed and anxious.  Tummy upsets and IBS symptoms a lot improved. So overall the improvements overall have been fab, I really feel better. Going forward I am sticking to the dietary recommendations, I am eating lots more fruit and vegetables and crumpets are out!  I do feel better for it though, so thank you.  I have recommended you to lots of people! 

J. A. - Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Dietary Supplements to Improve Hayfever Symptoms

I have been a chronic hay fever sufferer since I was 3yrs old. This has wrecked pretty much every summer

I tried various things over the years without much success. This year I decided to look harder at my diet and work with Susan through supplementation. I have been on the regime for around 5 weeks now and am seeing huge gains. I am not completely cured but for the first time ever was able to sit out in the evening on the Solstice. Also I haven't had a day off work this season. As this is a short time for therapy I am confident that if I continue to work with Susan I shall continue to improve before the next season! 


S.J. - Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Nutritional recommendations to help with joint healing and menopausal symptoms!

Not sure where I would be today if I had not had the advice from Susan. I used to be severely constipated, always suffered from joint pains and depression. Susan's protocols have helped me immensely in coping in all areas. Her knowledge has enlightened me and enabled me to correct my bad ways in so many areas. Recently I have had to have shoulder surgery, the recovery period turned out to be very long which I found out to my disappointment. I was given lots of valuable advise on which supplements and enzyme's to use alongside my exercise programme which turned out to be very beneficial. I've also learned some delicious healthy recipes of probiotic food and drinks which I have incorporated into my daily diet. But probably the best help I got so far was with my uncontrollable hot flushes that just came out of nowhere. Thank you Susan


Nutritional recommendations to help with IBS and ulcerative colitis, Jamie, Ringwood.


My name is Jamie and I am a 35 year old male.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 5 years ago and I am on treatment to keep this at bay.


However, last year I started to flair as if the drugs were wearing off so the hospital raised the dosage of the drugs to counteract but this did not work as it should.


After lots of trips to the hospital the doctor said I could have a case of IBS so my diet was what I needed to sort.


Months passed with trying various diets with no results. I was in a huge flair from the ulcerative colitis and in lots of pain, using to toilet up to 10 times a day also passing blood.


This was now effecting my job and my social life, I was at wits end and I needed professional help from a nutritionist and Susan Davis came highly recommended.


After a chat over the phone then a follow up zoom call, Susan asked for my current diet a she studied my treatment to come up with a diet plan for me to try.


After 4 weeks on this diet a began to notice a huge change in my body, not only was I no longer in a flair but I was going to the loo up to 2 times a day with no bleeding. 


Now 3 months later I have never been this good. I will unfortunately live with this condition for the rest of my life but this diet is key to my health benefits as the treatment can now do its job.


I recommend anyone out there with any form of digestive issues or IBS to contact Susan and have a chat with her, this diet has changed my life and I wish I had phoned her sooner.

Nutritional Therapist

Susan Davis


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