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Porridge with prunes and apples
Warm bowl of porridge with cinnamon and poached fruits

Let's face it porridge can be boring. You can only eat it so many times before you've had enough. I often go on for months without having a bowl of the stuff! But when I do I really need it to tick all the right boxes.

This morning I fancied a bowl of porridge it was cold, wet and windy outside. Nothing like a warm bowl of nutritious porridge I thought. I had a packet of guten free porridge oat flakes mixed with quinoa flakes and puffed amaranth. It also has some pumpkin seeds, hemps seeds and flax seed in it. I found this at Waitrose at the gluten free section and wanted to try it out.

I was experiencing a lazy gut currently so porrdige with added fibre would be of great help to sort out the problem.

I added some extra flax seeds or also commonly known as linseed to my porridge and cooked it in the usual manner. No recipe is needed for this you can often find the recipe at the back of the packet if you need help for it. I don't measure my ingredients but rather cook if from experience and adjust the consistency as I go along!

I want to provide you with some ideas here so you can enjoy eating porridge and make it part of your diet. But first it would be good to touch on some of the health benefits of oats.

Oats are are a popular grain used in breakfast cereals such as porridge, granola and muesli. They are a good source of manganese, selenium and phosphorus. Oat fibre is high in beta- glugan, which helps to lower cholesterol from the body. With it's high soluble fibre content it is great at bulking up stool and therefore making it a great food for digestive health.

Poach some prunes and apple slices and serve it with the porridge with cashew nut butter, sprinkle of sea salt and maple syrup and dust it with a generous amount of ground cinnamon. If you want to top up the fibre content further more add in a tablespoon of flax seeds while cooking.

Swirl in some frozen berries at the end of cooking and serve it with almond butter, sea salt, pomegrnete molasses and cinamon.

Stir in some tahini and frozen berries and finish it with some mulberry molasses and cinnamon.

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