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Woman with constipation
Woman with constipated bulging belly

Yes let us talk about constipation but on holiday. As we fast approach the holiday season many of us have already booked our holidays and are looking forward to going away on that relaxing, dreamy get away. But wait a minute some of you may be thinking. What if I get constipated on holiday? How will will I look good in my new bikini? How will I go on that trike and feel good and cope?

Even worse what if my boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't fancy me because I have bulging belly because I can't go everyday! These are real thoughts and problems for many that have gut problems mainly constipation. The truth is if you have a tendency to constipation quite often when you change your regular routine this has an impact on your digestion. Did you know you know your gut also contains many nerve endings. Have you ever heard the saying I feel from my gut or that gut feeling?

I want to share with you some approaches that have worked for me and others over the years.

First explore what makes you most constipated? Does being in a non familiar environment trigger this? If so gather as much information about where you will stay before you go. Choose the rooms and in house luxuries carefully for example don't go for shared accomodation with a friend if you don't feel private enough when it comes to using the loo.

How comfortable do you feel talking about going to the loo or your digestion with your partner or travel body. Are you able to ask for some privacy when that vital moment comes and you don't want to miss it?

Go at the same time every day! Keep to your regular routine, take your favourite morning drink with your or eat at the same time to trigger your body in to it's regular clock work.

Drink water to stay hydrated! Especially if you are going somewhere hot like the mediterranean. Don't use being on holiday as an excuse to quench thirst with alcohol you will soon feel dehydrated.

Eat fibre rich foods like fresh vegetables and fruit. Quite often these can be found on open buffet settings or if you opt for private villa accommodation visit the local farmers markets to top up on the local fruits and vegetables. Don't use being on holiday as an excuse to indulge on refined foods everyday like cakes and pasta!

Eat fermented foods and drink if they are available to you! These can be yoghurt, kefir, kimchi, kombucha to name a few. Local cheeses are a fantastic source of probiotics also. remember a more diverse diet means more healthy bacteria in your gut that helps keep you regular. If you don't have access to these foods and drinks consider taking a probiotic supplement with you to keep you topped up.

Relax and meditate this is one of the best approaches to deal with stress and stress has an impact on your digestion.

Have a great holiday and enjoy a comfy tummy!

Woman with healthy digestion
Woman with flat belly

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