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help for client with long term urinary tract infections

Dice with letters U T I

This 73 year old retired lady contacted me in January for help with recurring urinary tract infections treated with mulitple courses of anitbiotics. She said her health had detoriated since she had another health condition relating to her heart. She also experienced thrush following antibiotic use some treated and some left unchecked.

At our first consultation we discussed her health history in detail. The reason I do this is to try and see if there are any connections with what may be happening with her health now. These were my main findings:

-She had IBS

-Her UTI's started after she hit menopause

-She was on medication for heartburn

-History of low white blood count and viral infections

-She felt tired and had brain fog

-She was on medication for high blood pressure for the last 40 years

-After Myocarditis she did not gain her energy and can not go out for her long walks anymore

-She recently had a completed a 6 month course of antibiotics for UTI's

-She had her last 7 day treatment for thursh with medication and her swab test came back normal.

-She had dry skin, in mouth and vagina

Her health goal was to get her energy back and be free from urinary tract infections

At the first consultation I recommended some changes to her diet, mainly swapping to plant milk, and sourdough bread and adding some ground flax seeds to her porridge to help with IBS type symptoms and dry skin.

I also recommended she keeps exercising in amounts that she can tolerate without exhausting herself.

Baths with epsom salts in the evening.

I also recommended a test that checks female vaginal ecology to see if we can identify any pathogens.

I also recommended some nutritional supplements, one to help lubricate her mucousal membraines and one to support her digestion.

We had another consultation following the return of the test results. during this consultation the client reported better energy, better digestion and lost 9lb.

The test showed high vaginal pH where it normally needs to be low for the right bacteria to thrive. However this is normal with menopause as ostrogen levels decline this has an impact on the vaginal pH.

She had a overgrowth of a species of Candida that is resistant to over the counter treatments.

She had high immune marker for the vagina.

I recommended some supplements to help with the yeast overgrowth that also helps with bacterial infections and immune system. In addition to this I recommended some probiotics specifically formulated for women's vaginal ecology, a low sugar fresh food diet. I also recommended a bioactive B12 supplement to help with her energy levels as taking long term anti-acids can cause deficiency in this nutrient.

We agreed to work with the GP and she has also had a swab test done with her GP that confirmed the yeast overgrowth.

This is the feedback I recieved from my client:

"I am a 70 plus woman and for  the last three years I have suffered with numerous health problems including ; extreme tiredness and lethargy, brain fog, numerous UTI’s for which I was prescribed antibiotics which in turn led to thrush. I also appeared to have lost my sense of humour along the way!  I made up my mind 2020 was the year to seek help.  I emailed Susan with a number of queries before my first consultation and she was quick to respond. I was asked to complete an extensive and very thorough health questionnaire online  before my first consultation, which was on 28th January 2020.  Susan made suggestions about dietary changes and thought a couple of supplements would be helpful. My second consultation was on 28th February, between consultations  I emailed several queries and always received helpful, very supportive and prompt replies. Six weeks on from my initial consultation, how do I feel? My brain fog has completely disappeared, I’ve got my energy levels back, walking at least three miles a day now, haven’t had a UTI and  feel back to my “old” self. Oh and an added bonus is that I’ve lost a stone in weight which I certainly needed to do! 

I have found Susan to be thoroughly professional, supportive,  knowledgeable,  and always prompt in answering my queries however small. I am so pleased that I sought her help. I feel a different person" JE.H, Lymington New Forest.

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