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Grate fresh beetroot and fresh horseradish
Grated beetroot and horseradish

A fermented beetroot and horseradish relish is a fantastic addition to any diet this time of the year. The horseradish will open your nasal passages and help the airflow in and the gunk flow out to help ward off those colds. The Beetroots with their high antioxidant properties and high fibre content will feed your gut bacteria nourishing your immune system from within!

500 gram raw beetroot, peeled and grated

50 gram finely grated horseradish

1½ tablespoon balsamic vinegar or pomegranate molasses

¾ tablespoon Himalayan crystal salt or sea salt

½ probiotic capsule-1 capsule or fermented cabbage water about 2 tablespoons

1. Mix the beetroot with the salt and massage for a few minutes until the juices come out.

2. Add all the ingredients, mix and put them in a sterilised Kilner jar.

3. Pres down to ensure all ingredients are submerged under the juices.

4. Leave for 3-5 days, taste as you go along, then refrigerate. The relish will further develop in flavour in the fridge.

Pungent and sweet!
Deep purple beetroot and horseradish relish

Put the Relish in glass jar and save in the fridge
Fermented Beetroot relish in Kilner jar

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