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My first experience with fasting was a years after moving to Cyprus. It was the time of Ramadan known as Ramazan month and me and my sister learned of a tradition that we were previously not aware of within the Muslim community which my father's family belong to. Most relatives in the family were getting engaged in an activity called oruç or fasting as known here in England. So I wanted to try this too as it sounded quite exciting and different during a long summer holiday with nothing much else going on in the village. So our aunts and grandmother told us what we need to do to which was not to eat anything till the evening. Young children are not expected to fast and they are allowed to drink water. It turns out I forgot that I was fasting halfway through the day and started eating fruit from the tree! The rest of the family would do their fast and break the fast in the evening at sunset following the first evening prayer.

Fasting is a religious practice that abstinence from food and drink or part of is practised to strengthen religious connections. It was considered cleansing, disciplining and also health promoting. And fasting has historically benefited many that have take part.

The second time fasting came into my life was when I was studying for my first year at university in Turkey. It was the last summer term and it was the month of Ramadan. Many students were preparing to fast. Having spent earlier part of the year on a calorie deficit diet to loose all the weight I had put on since starting uni I was quite interested in taking part as an experiment. Some of my friends criticised my decision on the grounds that my intentions were not religious and that fasting should not be done for weight loss. Any how I did do the whole month of fasting and found that my weight loss was optimised and that by the end of the fasting period I had lost the last remaining weight that was lingering on.

The health benefits of fasting have long been recognised. Any one that knows me also knows that I am a great fan off fasting. There are different types of fasting: Water fasting, alternate day fasting, intermittent fasting, time restricted feeding, The 5-2 Fast Diet, Prolon The Fasting Mimicking Diet.

Fasting is a great way to switch your metabolism from carbohydrate burning to fat burning mode. Research shows that there are many health benefits associated with fasting if done correctly.

It switches on autophagy which is house clearance in the body where the body gets rid off used up or weak cells and regenerating it self.

my experience with prolon the fasting mimicking diet

Day 1 adjusting to diet about 1250 kcal start off. Felt I may have eaten more than I do especially for breakfast and lunch! did aqua aerobics and a short sauna session in the morning. Although I felt there was quite a lot of food meals along with snacks, I really fancied a large juicy red apple most part of the day.

Day 2 down to 750 kcal feeling pretty hungry, a challenge to get to the end of the day, seem to be thinking of food a lot and feel terribly hungry . the prolon drink helps to get me through. I decided to go for a sauna session and swim followed by a quick break with my day 2 snacks than a session of body balance in the evening to get through the evening. It is great to swap evening wine for exercise and also the exercise and keeping busy took my mind of food.

Day 3 woke up feeling slightly light headed. I had my nut bar for breakfast and went straight to the gym for a body balance session. Day 3 has been the hardest day feel rather low in energy and grateful it is the weekend so I dont have to deal with work demands! I couldn't do any of the tasks I had set for my self. I run out of all energy following the body balance session in the morning! Which surprisingly I felt rather energised while doing, ended feeling tearful during the meditation session but I realised I had been forgetting to take my antidepressant and vitamins with the excitement of doing the prolon diet! I drank lots of herbal teas through the day to keep me warm and keep my mind off food. Did more research around fasting and watched a movie in the evening.

Day 4 woke up feeling fresh! Definite improvement to my eye-bags and mood. Did a cheeky weight check on my Tanita scales and to my delight I have already lost 2.5 kg in fat. Yes that is 5.5 lb in fat loss! And I have only just started day 4. Can't wait to hit the scales on day 6 when the diet will be complete.

Went for a sauna and swim to get some movement and help pass the time.

Day 5. Face look slimmer today it is the last day of the fasting mimicking diet. So happy to see I have kale crackers that accompany my tomato soup for lunch. Those are the best tasting crackers!

I felt a bit out of sorts and on my last leg today waiting for my final measures tomorrow and how much weight I will show on the scales. I felt a bit depressed and I really took it slow and easy all day. I was pretty hungry come the evening! I added extra water to my minestrone soup to make it last longer and drank a few herbal teas to keep me going. Watched another movie in the evening to take my mind off food.

Feeling very curious as to what my total weight loss will be. I have been putting on weight ever since I stopped going to CrossFit few years back and am only starting to get back into exercising again.

So pleased it is the last day of the Prolon diet.

Day 6: I weighed myself and these are the result:

Total weight loss: 8lb! in 5 days. The beauty of the results are that the weight loss was in fat and muscle tissue was preserved.


The second cycle of the fasting mimicking diet was much easier to follow. I knew exactly what was coming so I was mentally prepared. I did not feel that hungry as the first time and kept myself relatively busy without over doing things and got through the 5 days with no problems.

Weight loss at the second cycle was moderate. It is recommended to do 3 cycles of Prolon a year for meaintenance. For those with significant weight to loose may need to do a cycle each month.

I have done the prolon fasting mimicking diet for a few years on going now and find it regenerative and cleansing. It is not an easy diet however I find compliance is good because all the meals are prepared for each day (all you have to do is heat up your soups) this makes it easy to stick to the diet. I also like it because it is quick and can be used as a stepping stone to get in to fat burning mode to manage weight loss long term.

If you would like to learn more about the fasting mimicking diet please get in touch so I can answer your questions and provide you with more detail.

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