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diagnostic testing

I provide 1-1 nutritional consultations in person or over Skype where we identify factors influencing your health concerns. 

We agree on a nutritional and lifestyle plan and further action to take before the next consultation.

food intolerance testing​

A typical consultation involves meeting with me in my clinic and having a private and confidential consultation. It typically will last for about an hour and you will receive a plan following your appointment.

I usually recommend follow-up appointments in 4-6 weeks time or depending on the outcome. 


Each client is different and more than one consultation may be required to get to the bottom of the health problem.

stress hormone testing​


I also offer a quick and easy online nutritional advice and consultation service via Skype, ideal for busy clients or those who travel for work. You can pop onto your computer in your lunch break, or before you pick up the kids for a hectic evening and we'll go through your tailored plans to help keep you on track with your health and fitness goals.

Thyroid hormone testing

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Stool Testing for Gut Function

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Organic Acid Testing for Nutritional Status

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Other nutritional tests

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Diagnostic Food Intolerance & Hormone Testing

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Nutritional Therapy for Underactive Thyroid

I met with Susan Davis whom I learnt about via the Arch Clinic in Fordingbridge. Susan is helping me with nutritional advice with the aim of providing the optimum diet to deal with my under active thyroid condition. Susan’s help is proving invaluable and I therefore would happily recommend her to others seeking help with their dietary requirements. 

S. W. - Fordingbridge, Hampshire


Nutritional Coaching for Digestive Issues & Weight Loss

I have had many positives following your nutritional advice... I have lost some inches initially, and was sleeping a lot better.  I don’t seem to have had any migraines, lost the pain in my back under my shoulders, have felt less depressed and anxious.  Tummy upsets and IBS symptoms a lot improved. So overall the improvements overall have been fab, I really feel better. Going forward I am sticking to the dietary recommendations, I am eating lots more fruit and vegetables and crumpets are out!  I do feel better for it though, so thank you.  I have recommended you to lots of people! 

J. A. - Fordingbridge, Hampshire

Dietary Supplements to Improve Hayfever Symptoms

I have been a chronic hay fever sufferer since I was 3yrs old. This has wrecked pretty much every summer

I tried various things over the years without much success. This year I decided to look harder at my diet and work with Susan through supplementation. I have been on the regime for around 5 weeks now and am seeing huge gains. I am not completely cured but for the first time ever was able to sit out in the evening on the Solstice. Also I haven't had a day off work this season. As this is a short time for therapy I am confident that if I continue to work with Susan I shall continue to improve before the next season! 


S.J. - Fordingbridge, Hampshire

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